sustainable fashion 2016Ship in harbour! The 30th of December the container arrived. It was in May, with use of loans from La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE, the artisans started manufacturing. In October we loaded the container on Madagascar. See the newly arrived bags and hats on the website or in stand at Formex 20-23 of January, Formland 4-7 of February 2016.
Genuine, ecological handicrafts take time – but the result is Sustainable.

fairtrade handbags and hats 2016Among the newly arrived products, the hat that is a favourite for many: Art nr 2515 Chapeau raffia à la campagne. Photo above shows the hat, two of the artisans; Madame Clarisse och Mme Ariette on their way home to the village with material and a close-up on the plaiting of the hat.
Also shown on the photo is the bag Uni Rabane-Leather, which was new in the assortment spring 2015 and soon become very much requested. The spirited, spring green colour is now back again. (On the photo the medium sized is shown, Art nr 24103. The bag is available in three sizes.)

October - November was also the period for the yearly (since 1995) meetings on Madagascar. Meetings with the artisans about the materials, the manufacturing, the deliveries to the locality where goods are stocked before packing, the loans they get, the time plan etc. Meetings at the artisans where they manufacture as well as the locality to which they deliver. Work on new product models - products that can be part of the assortment during coming years.
Fair Trade means a daily work following the 10 principles –which make Fair Trade a good tool for Sustainable Development.

crafting of a hat la maison afrique fairtrade

Series of photos of Madame Mariette the 17th of October when plaiting a new hat of sundried palm leaves.

Photo at the top shows one of her since many years much appreciated models; Art nr 2541 Chapeau Mariette Courbé, now again in stock.

Genuine, small scale and ecological handicraft.
Sustainable Fashion – not Fast Fashion.