Newly arrived 2017 in La Maison Afrique Fairtrade range

Newly arrived in La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE range.
New models of hats and hand bags handmade of natural fibres, flower decorated greeting cards of bark paper, miniature model vehicles of recycled cans - all made by the use of interest free loans the artisans received from La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE. Environmentally friendly, genuine craftsmanship that has taken a lot of time. The container arrived to Swedish port in December 2016. See the newly arrived goods at La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE website under the menu item Fair Trade wholesale. The fine handicrafts will also be shown in La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE stand at Formex, Stockholm international fairs 18 to 21 January 2017.

New models of bags and hats handmade of natural fibres.
axelvaska horisont o hantverkare hantaBag Horizon has outside of hand-woven raffia palm leaves, shoulder strap of braided sisal. Stability and durability of the inside layer of plaited reeds. Lined with natural white cotton fabric. Inside pocket. The bag closes with a zipper on the top, has a large zipper pocket on the front. Horizon shoulder bag comes in two sizes: Art Nr 24101 and Art Nr 24102. Both are available in four different colour options: Light grey + nature white, pastel blue + nature white, pink + nature white, olive green + nature white.
Bag model Horizon is the result of the La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE cooperation with artisan and designer Madame Hanta. Work on the development of the model began in the autumn 2015, the production has taken place in 2016. The results are now in stock at La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE in Sweden. The photo shows the bag Horizon and Madame Hanta home-studio where she and four other manufactures. The studio is located on the Malagasy countryside. They moved from the capital a year ago - and I think they got a much better environment for working and living on the countryside.

axelvaska hatt o hantverkare riversideShoulder bag Riverside is braided of natural green sedges, the shoulder strap of stylish round braided nature white raffia. Closes with large, round carved wooden button at the front of the bag. Size and design that makes the bag ideal for documents in A4 format. Approximate dimensions: H = 32cm Width = 22cm Depth = 6cm
Men’s hat Chapeau Homme Riverside is matching shoulder bag Riverside in shape, colour and materials. The hat is made in large sizes. Like the bag, the colour is natural green. Together they are – naturally stylish.
The shoulder bag model Riverside is the result of the La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE cooperation with artisans and designers on Madagascar's east coast. The material grows very commonly in the region and the crafting provide significant income to women. Madagascar's east coast is often hit by cyclones. Infrastructure (roads, water, electricity) are very poorly developed. Cash revenue to supplement subsistence agriculture is important. Work on the shoulder bag model Riverside began in the autumn of 2015, the manufacture of the bag (and hat) has continued in 2016. Both the bag and hat are now in stock at La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE in Sweden. The photo shows bag and hat Riverside and the designer and artisan Madame Tilda. It may be interesting to note that the plant is common in several countries in and around the Indian Ocean from Madagascar as far away as Australia and Fiji. On Madagascar it is much appreciated as a material of good quality for making crafts; strong, flexible, easy to work with. (There are recent example of that the plant's value as material for handicrafts has led to restoration of its habitats after being destructed during mining projects. The plant habitat is important to preserve given that it also is a good environment for e.g. amphibians.) More about the plant, its propagation and usability on the website PlantUse.
Hat and hatmaker artisan Madame MarietteThe hat model Chapeau Mariette Ruban is made of sundried raffia palm leaves braided into band and sewn together. The hat is nature white with band around the hat crown, rosette and brim edge in three colour options: Pink, Sea Blue, Olive Green. Beautiful summer hat! La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE cooperates with designer and artisan Madame Mariette since 2007. Several hat models have been created over the years, of which Mariette Chapeau Ruban is the latest. Photo shows how Mme Mariette step-by-step makes the hat. More of Madame Mariette’s popular hat models are available under the menu item Hats.

Hat with large bow The hat Chapeau Bow is made of handwoven raffia. It is an elegant woman's hat with big bow on a 9cm wide brim. The extensive work done on the material, that is, the hand-woven raffia palm leaves, gives the hat a high quality. The hat is available in three colour options: Nature white, black and various shades of grey. Photo shows the hat model and designer and artisan Madame Vololona at the sewing machine.
Examples of newly received bags and hats that are favourites
A number of much demanded bag- and hat models have arrived and are now again in stock at La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE in Sweden.
Fairtrade baskets woven raffia, leather handles, inside pocket with zipExamples include baskets with outside of handwoven raffia, leather handles, inside pocket with zipper. The baskets are now newly arrived in three sizes: Art nr 211, Art nr 212, Art nr 213. They are now also available in more (6) colour options: Nature white, Pastel Green, Olive green, Mauve, Jeans blue, Multicolour. Photo shows Art Nr 211 Basket Woven raffia, leather handles GM in the two new colour options nature white and pastel green.
fairtrade basket with lining and pull-string closeAnother example is Art Nr 2114021 Basket Rariboka PM. The basket is braided by a combination of mountain grass and sun dried raffia palmleaves. Crafting technic "rariboka" gives a very beautiful structure. The basket has both lining and pull string closing of cotton fabric. The basket is newly arrived in two colour options; patterned with orange or patterned with olive green. The latter colour option is new. The cotton fabric lining and pull-string close is nature white. See the new colour option and cotton textile lining/close on the photo.
Examples of popular hat models that are now back in stock are the durable crocheted sisal hat (art nr 256) and the crocheted raffia hat art nr 2581 Chapeau Eliane.
Men's hat homme le grand la maison afrique fairtradeThe popular men's hat art nr 25235 Chapeau Homme Le Grand is back - and now available in more colour options; natural white, dark brown, black. Photo shows the men’s hat in nature white and black as well as the craftsman Monsieur Norbert (with his hat press, which is operated by hand and heated with charcoal.)
sunhat soleil and artisanThe beautiful sun hat art nr 25181 Chapeau Soleil is also back - and also in more colour options; nature white, bright red and jeans blue. Photo shows the new colour options, red and blue as well as artisan Madame Odette.
sport bike model recycling and fairtrade Newly arrived model vehicle handcrafted of recycled metal
The classic car models; Citroën 2CV, van 3CV Citroën, Citroën DS, Peugeot 404, VW beetle made in miniature (L = 7-9cm) are now back in stock in Sweden at La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE. The newly arrived vehicle model also includes the sport cycle model , miniature motorcycle and helicopter. See them all under the menu item Metal recycling: Model Vehicles.
Handmade fairtrade flower decorated greeting card with envelopeNewly arrived flower decorated greeting cards handmade of bark paper
The popular double flower cards with envelopes are now back in square format: art no 1115 15x15cm and art no 1116 10x10cm. See them and others under the menu item Anteimoro paper: Greeting cards etc.
Orderliness-tool Triple basket for the wallOrderliness
The steady demand orderliness-tool art no 282 Triple Basket for the wall has arrived in three colour options: Anise Green, Cerise and Multicolour. It is one of the best sellers for more than ten years. The triple basket is smart in many ways: Can easily be hung up wherever orderliness is needed; hall, office, closet, camper, cabin on boat etc etc. The triple basket can easily be packed together to make a small compact package, making it easy to pack and store. Natural materials and craftsmanship method is climate friendly, i.e. globally smart.
Time for Sustainable Development
Environmentally responsible, genuinely fair trade crafts take a lot of time.
Maritime transport is also slowly - but that’s all right because it is environmentally best transport option: Sea freight container generates only 12.1 CO2 emissions per tonne-km vs. airfreight: 552-950 CO2 emissions per tonne-km. Comparison shows that the sea freight is charging only 1-2% of what the same quantity of goods would as airfreight *).

Fair Trade crafts is a good tool for sustainable development.
Welcome to La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE booth B10: 41 at Formex, Stockholm international fairs 18 to 21 January 2017.
*) Ref Kommerskollegiums report ”Handel, transporter och konsumtion”.